Fizz Brands - Our Team

The Ingredients

Position with experience.

It's the "fssst" you hear when you crack open a soda bottle. Or, it may be the effervescence you see when you pour your favorite drink into a tall glass of ice. That bubbly sensation is no accident. It takes the right combination of ingredients to create the perfect chemical reaction necessary to release that sensory experience we've all come to love.

In the fizz biz, it's not any different. The Fizz Brands team is made up of a wide range of award-winning talent who work together to get results. We offer the full spectrum of consumer retail experience, expertise and energy to add the zing needed to make sure your product or service makes a splash.

Peter Baron - Principal Dana Cogan - Vice President
Suzanne Moccia - Vice President Martin Baron - Vice President
Steve McAbee, VP, Customer Engagement James Arrington - Designer
Kathy Cabrera - Director, New Media Kathy Siefert - Account Director
Jan Sisko - Account Director, Writer Katie Elizabeth - Social Media Strategist
Jennifer Kardian - Media Strategist Natalie Olsen - Blogger
Sara Wakefield - Account Director  

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