DownEast Basics DownEast Basics

DownEast Basics and DownEast Home and Clothing

DownEast is a high-style, low-price retailer operating 50-plus stores in seven western states. The brand includes apparel, home furnishing and décor.

Through sustainable, integrated marketing and public relations campaigns, Fizz Brands helps build brand awareness and customer enthusiasm for both sides of the company's business, leading to increased traffic (in-store and online) and revenue.

Further, through its brand-managing programs, Fizz maintains the core flagship recognition and authenticity of the DOWNEAST BRAND that cohesively impacts every marketing program, from SEO to email marketing and social media.

Fizz Programs and Achievements

  • Facebook tactics include engaging posts and snapshots, promotions and contests. Acquired over 43,000 new Facebook fans to-date and have fan engagement percentages higher than those of much larger competitors.
  • Pinterest program promotes new products and regularly engages fans. Added nearly 5,000 new Pinterest followers via themed contests.
  • Instagram posts drive interest in DownEast products. One Instagram contest alone resulted in 20 percent increase in followers.
  • Regular blog posts and blog-based contests for both sides of business drive email opt-ins and promote new items, store openings and promotions. One blog-based contest alone resulted in thousands of new email opt-ins.
  • Videos, infographics and articles produced for SEO and social purposes have garnered thousands of views. Organic SEO accounts for a significant portion of annual online revenue.
  • Media/blogger outreach has generated coverage in such publications as Redbook, O Magazine (The Oprah Magazine) and on myriad fashion and lifestyle blog sites.
  • Print and broadcast coverage elevates brand in key local markets. Examples: The Morning Blend (Las Vegas), Fox 31 (Denver), Salt Lake Tribune.
  • Publicity for new store openings and associated in-store giveaways drive foot traffic in key local markets.
  • Grassroots/viral marketing in local markets generates social media buzz. Example: blogger "bring a friend" in-store mixers.
  • Publicity for DownEast philanthropic activities supports event success and provides residual effect of corporate brand building and increased engagement with shoppers. Example: Annual LIVE for Pink promotion, CHOICE Humanitarian.